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The IP address gives you the full control over your router and the connected devices to it. as soon as you are successfully logged into this admin panel, you will have the authority to make the required changes in your settings to be able improve your services. Please note that the stronger the connection is between your router and devices, the stronger your service is. Moreover, this service include both: wired and wireless connections.

All you have to do to get the access to this IP is to buy the IP. Once you do that you  can get the permission to access.

Then, enter the correct IP in your URL  box in any of your browsers and log in to manage all your connections. Examples of these management parts include:

The full control over your network, DNS ,PROXY, LAN, WLAN,WAN and your safety options related to the router and the connected devices as well .

How to start access with

Once the IP is installed on your device. Enter the address into the search box of the browser as a URL. Hence, you will be facing its admin panel.

If you can remember the user name and password, then the logging in process will be instantly. If you do not know your credentials, then you may see the alternative options at the bottom of the page.

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The alternative of forgetting password:

Contact the service provider or reset the program to start the access again.

In case  you are inquiring about any problems of the router or software. All options are present in the home page to resolve your basic difficulties.


Default Router Passwords


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