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All you need to know about Belkin Router Login – Setup

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Belkin Router Setupas soon as you finish Plugging your router into the modem and then into wall. You may go to  the page: on your computer or mobile device.
This is the first step in configuring your router to your network .Then, Make the connection according to the order given below.
1. Modem Port LAN Port is connected to the Internet Device Belkin.
2. The computer connected to the router’s LAN portAfter that, Switch Router
When the computer is turned on
The modem is switched off

Finally, Access the Belkin router setup Page
In your browser’s address bar enter the following IP to access . You can set default password and click the Send button and you are successfully logged in to the setup page.


On the Internet Router configuration –Belkin, you will find that you have many options: LAN setup, internet WAN, Wireless and Firewall.
from this point on, you may choose the settings that you would like to do easily. But you need to pay attention, that for some options, you will be asked to provide some information like
Username, password and host name and you can get them from  your ISP Internet Service provider. In addition to that, you may be asked about the addresses for Open DNS and they are:  first, .Second,


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