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Change DNS For Android Mobile

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DNS stands for the Domain Name Servers. It translates your IP into the language that the webhosts understands it, in the way that enables you from surfing your internet. In other words,  when you have a correct IP, you can get into your website through your DNS. By Changing your DNS Android Mobile, you can have access to more sites including banned sites as an instance.If you would like to change your DNS settings on your phone, you only need to follow the coming simple steps that we are providing you in this article:How to change the DNS setting on Android:

As a start, there is no option for changing the DNS settings for 3G or 4G data network connections. Android requires static IP to use custom DNS address and in order to function correctly, you will have to configure your router as well and assign statistic IP to the device’s MAC address.

  • Open your device settings.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Make a constant touch on your current network, then select “modify network”.
  • Then, put a check mark on “show advanced options”, it will make more options visible.
  • Change “IP settings” to “Static”.
  • Add the DNS servers IPs to the fields: DNS 1 and DNS 2.
  • Press save, then disconnect your network and connect it again to activate the changes.

How to change the DNS setting on iPhone/ iPad:

  • open the settings app.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi and turn it on.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi network. Then, on the blue “i” icon.
  • Tap on DNS.
  • Enter the DNS address
  • Finally, tap on Wi-Fi to go back to the last screen. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Note: if you do not know your DNS address, you may check the list that we offer you at the end of this article.


Open DNS Services

Service Providers Preferred DNS Server Other DNS Server
Google DNS
Yandex DNS
Comodo Secure DNS


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