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Default Router Username and Password List 2019

2 dakikada okuyabilirsiniz. Router Login Admin default username and password list, Wifi for Netgear, Xfinity, Linksys, D-Link, TP-Link and all routers.


If you would like to get the access to your router for the first time or after resetting it in order to modify anything or to make configuration for it, you should know the default  IP address of the router, its username, and its password. Surely, you can find these information in the router’s manual. But it you do not want to read the whole manual, you can search this list of default usernames and passwords using your router’s name and model:

Router’s name          Model IP           username                password

Actiontec                                                 admin                                    (space)
Actiontec Verizon                                   admin                                    (space)
Airties RT210 (TTNET)                          (space)                                    (space)
Allied Telesyn                              manager                                   friend
Apache                                                    root or setup root
Artes                                                        admin                                      adslroot
Asus                                                          Admin                                     Admin
Aztech                                                             admin                                      admin
Aztech                                                      admin                                       admin
Bec                                                       admin                                       admin
Billion                                                   admin                                       admin
Billion Bipac                                        admin                                  password
Bross                                                         admin                                        1234
C-Com                                                        null                                            null
Cnet                                                                 admin                                   epicrouter
Corecess 3112 usb                                        admin                                corecess3112
Corecess 3113 eth                                         admin                                corecess3113
Creative                                                    admin                                       admin
Dibeg 108                                                 dare                                         (space)
D-Link                                                       admin                                        admin
Datron ETHERNET                                  admin                                        admin
Datron USB                                              admin                                        admin
DryTek                                                      admin                                       (space)
Dynalink                                                   admin                                        admin
E-Con                                                        admin                                        admin
Eicon Diva                                                       (space)                                      (space)
Everest SG-1400                                     admin                                         admin
Fishnet AR-1101 (DOPING)                        admin                                           1234
Flynet                                                       admin                                          admin
Geek                                                                admin                                      epicrouter
Geek                                                                admin                                       geekadsl
Gezz                                                                 admin                                     epicrouter
Hayes                                                               admin                                      hayesadsl
Home Station DC 213                                   admin                                         admin
Home Station DC 214                        admin                                       password
Hicomm                                                           admin                                      epicrouter

Router Default Password List

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