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How to Access Your Wi-Fi Router’s Settings

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The router is the responsible for your Wi-Fi device settings. So if you would like to change anything that is related to your Wi-Fi, you need to get access to  your router’s firmware which is the software program of the router.

There are many Examples of the things you may change, such as:

1- Renaming  your community (the Wi-Fi name).

2- Changing your Wi-Fi’s  password.

3- Changing your Wi-Fi’s  safety stage.

4-Creating  a visitor community.

How to get access to the router to make these changes:

1- log in to your router’s firmware by a browser.

by opening the router’s IP address as a URL in your internet browser. For example if the IP handle for you router is, then you’re your router’s IP address will be

2- on the IP part, place this is the IP address  for most routers. However, if it does not work with you, make sure to affirm the IP address of your router kind.

You can track the IP address  of your router on Windows PC very simply as follows:

1- Right – Click on the Network Icon located at the bottom right. Then, select “open network and sharing centre”.

2- you will find a “connection” chart, click on the link that is next to it.

3- click on “details”.

4- The IP address is right next to IPv4 Default gateway.

There is also another method, that is:

1- Click on Start, type CMD in the search box, and then select Command Prompt.

2- After that, a new window will appear, in this new window, type the word: ipconfig.  Then hit enter.

3- Finally, the IP address will appear next to “Default Gateway” As shown in the below image.


You may close the immediate command window by typing exit on the immediate window or clicking the “X” button on the pop-up window. add your router’s IP address within the URL bar of your net browser and press Enter.

You will be asked to put a username and password to have access to  your router’s firmware. That is both the default username and password to your router. If you have changed them  and  created a username and password of your choice, then enter the new credential that you have created.

Please note that if you did not modify any settings regarding your router. Then the user name and password will be the default ones and those are: “admin” and “admin” for most routers. It is ok to try more than one time, so if you were not able to log in. You may check the list of default usernames and passwords of different routers on our website.


When  you create a username and a password, you will need to save them and use them to use them later on.

At this point, you will be having the access to change whatever you want. The adjustments are made through phases. That implies one step by another. In case you have jumped a step, you may be logged out and hence, asked to log in one more time to your router.

Whenever you are done adjusting your setting, close the browser and all is set.

What to do if you cannot remember your password and username?

If you cannot remember your password you will find an option known as “forgot password”. This is for password recovery.

what to do if you have entered an incorrect username or password many times?

If you are unable to identify the proper username and password of your router, the system will offer you help by entering the serial number of your router. You will find the serial number, generally, on the back of the router right under the logo of the router. Enter the serial number as shown in the below image and the website will help you later on.

If none of these solutions works out with you and you are still unable to log in. In this case, the only solution will be resetting your router. That means that all settings will be again back to their defaults and you hence, you may log in the default credentials that you can easily find on our website as we have mentioned before.

How to reset your router:

You may find a small Reset button in your router. It looks like a small hole. Use a pen or paper clip to push it in. keep it pushed in for round 10 seconds until all the power is off and on again. Then set the button free. You may check the below image for further illustration on this process.

If you would like to get the detailed method for resetting your router with illustrating  images, you may check the article on how to reset your router on our website.

After resetting your router, You must be capable of logging into your router using the default username and password. Then, you can change the community identity, community password, and safety stage. You must also undergo every display to see if there are different settings you want to modify.

Lastly, you will need to change your router’s username and password from their default values. This gives you only the access to enter the firmware. But make sure you save your new credentials so you do not have to end up resetting the router again sooner or later.

The method for logging into your router is the same whether or not you are using a web supplier’s router or you bought your personal router yourself. Moreover, it is the same way whether you are using a one way router or  a mixture of modem/router provided by your supplier.

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