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How to Change your Wireless Name and Password

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SSID which stands for Server Set Identifier is simply the process of maintaining a name for your WI- FI network. Having a name for your own Wi-Fi  network makes it easier for you to find and use it.

Any new internet connection has the default SSID of the modem. It is mainly a group of letters and numbers made by default from the manufacturing company and both of them are often printed on the case of the router itself. However, this default name can be changed easily to a more remarkable one of your own choice.

How to Change your Wireless Name and Password

1- Find your router’s IP address.

If you do not know how, you may check the article on how to find your router’s IP address on our website.

2- Enter your browser, type the IP address that you found into the URL box, then press enter.

To sign in, you will be asked to enter the router’s username and password. If you have never changed them before, use the default log in credentials. Most of times, the username is admin, and the password is either admin or blank. There is no problem in trying more than one time.

If you are still having issues in signing in, you may check related articles on our website for further help. 

3-Click Wireless settings at the top.

4- Then, Wireless Network Name is (SSID): where you will see your wireless network name and password, the password may be named something similar such as: “passphrase”, “wireless key”, or “WPA- PSK”. As different routers have different names for it. Then, you can change the wireless network name and password.

Please note that you need to click on “apply” or “save” to save your settings.

 Moreover, your connection might get disconnected if you are using a Wi-Fi connection as the router will be customizing its new settings for it, and you will not be able to use your Wi-Fi connection unless you enter the new Wi-Fi’s  username and password into your devices.

 Also, in some cases to apply the changes, the router may have to be entirely restarted  so even if your connection is wired, it may get disconnected for a few minutes till your router is back to work again.

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