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Recovering the Username and Password of Routers

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If you are not aware of your  login credentials, then this is the right article for you. We provide you with many options to get you logged in.

Using the default credentials:

Your default username and password can be found easily in the manual, the router’s case or its label on the back of it. If they are not clear enough to be seen, or if you do not wish to waste your time in reading the label. Then, you can easily check our list on this website for default usernames and passwords.

Reset your router

If are certain that you have changed your credentials (they are no longer the default ones), but you are unable to remember or recover. Then you can get your credentials back to the default by resetting your router’s settings. That can be done easily through pushing a button at the back of the router with a pin for  around      10-30 seconds. But you need to pay attention to the fact that all your stored information will be lost and you will have to modify them one more time when you succeed in logging in. You may as well see how to reset the router’s settings on our website.

Port forwarding without a password

In case you have a Universal Plug-And-Play (UPnP), you will not need to know the passwords. As You will be able to forward the ports without knowing the password. If you have an UPnP enabled router, the required ports will automatically be opened. For port forwarding, you have to use you UPnP PortMapper. Unfortunately, The process is somehow complicated for the beginners.

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