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Router Admin Login 192.168.l.l –

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The default IP address for logging into the router admin is the most known IP address. That is because most of the common routers manufacturers use it as their default IP address. Examples of these routers are: LinksysNetgear, D-Link, TP-Link and Westell. There is a range of the IP addresses that makes it IPv4, otherwise known as private IP addresses.

This  range  is from to Which implies that the IP address is in fact an IPv4.


What is IPv4?

What is the difference between IPv4, IPv5 and IPv6?

Private IP addresses are the fourth version of IP addresses and it is the original version. However, there is another version that is IPv6 the sixth generation of the IP addresses. This other version is taking place to cover up for the addresses that the IPv4 is no longer to contain. That is due to the fact that each version of IP addresses is made to contain a specific number of addresses, huge but still limited.

At this point, a good question may cross your mind that is: what happened to IPv5?

Well, it was never launched officially as a protocol. It was simply started under another name, that is: Internet Streaming protocol or just ST. it was specialized in relation to streaming video and voice data by Apple. It was experimental. Thus, when IPv6 was promised to cover up for the limitations of IPv4, this experimental IP addresses version was not to be out officially.


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