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The firmware of a router

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What is router’s firmware?

The firmware of a router is the system that specifies your router ownership only by you. From the first sight one may get disappointed due to the complexity of this process. It is not an easy task as updating the software of a PC that can be made with any tool of updates. But, we shall make things a lot easier to update your firmware as we will present you the steps of doing that in the simplest manner ever.

Why do you need to update the router’s firmware:

You need to realize that updating your router firmware is to enable you from keeping your safety and to fix any default, defect or error that was discovered in the current firmware. In addition to that, there may be new helpful options that may help you using your router easier and more efficient. An example of These options are IPv6 help and the management parental system. In brief, the updating of the firmware for a router helps in the improving the general proficiency of it whether by adding more options or by fixing a current problem.

Thus, upgrading the firmware of a router is always required and advised.

Now, how to replace your router’s  firmware in 5 steps:  

Although that every router is different, there are general steps that are applied to all routers.

  1. get the get the firmware file from your producer’s website.

If you are not apple to get it from your producer’s website, then Make sure it is a trusted supply. In the below image, you may see a firmware file, this is a model of what you are looking for. It is the firmware file of the router Linksys E1000 router.

For this router, you shall visit   its download page on Linksys’ website  to obtain  the firmware.

2 .  Log in to the router’s administrative console.

This can be made by opening the router’s IP address as a URL in your internet browser. For example if the IP handle for you router is, then you’re your router’s IP address will be

These IP addresses are default and provided from the manufacturers of the Wi-Fi routers. You may check the below list of IP addresses from different manufacturers:

  1. Apple:
  2. Asus:
  3. Buffalo Tech:
  4. D-Hyperlink: or
  5. Cisco/Linksys: or
  6. NETGEAR: or

Once you get your router’s correct IP, log in to the website page by entering your browser (any browser will do). Then, enter your IP address as a URL in the URL box.  You will log in using the default user name and password which are: admin and admin for both blanks. However, there might be some cases where the user name may be one of three options: admin, root, or you shall left it as a blank space.

Note: Please make sure to try the user names in the same order as in most cases it will be admin.

3- once you succeed in logging in, move to the part :the router’s settings. From settings: move to a part known as Superior or Administration. In this part, you shall find the firmware part.

In the shown image, for example, you shall see it displayed as:

Administration >Replace Software program.

  1. Switch the firmware file to the router to start using it, as shown in the image.

Note: there are some routers that you might need a flash drive that installs the firmware file into an open USB port on the router.

  1. Reboot the router as soon as you install the firmware fully. This process is made automatically when replacing the firmware. But in case it does not, make it manually. (by reboot we mean restart the router).

Then your new firmware will be set.





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